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Since 2003 I produce the monthly 144 MHz EME Newsletter focussing on the 2m EME activity. It comes free of charge and is my personal courtesy to the ham community.

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Currrent newsletter issue (May 2016):

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DXpedition Calender

Do you plan an DXpedition and wonder if somebody else is planning a DXpedition to the same place?

This has happened before...and it would be bad if time and money would be spent with two hams or groups go to the same place.

As discussed with many wellknown 2 m EME DXpedioners Jurg DK3WG maintains a DXpedition calender.

(1) When you start planning please send him an email to DK3WG at darc dot de and tell him the DXCC you plan for and ask him if there are others also planning for that DXCC.
(2) If he says no, you have some planning reliability to continue your plans. Jurg will also put your plans in his calender in case later others ask about that DXCC.
(3) If he says yes you should change your plans - or contact the others via DK3WG.
(4) Jurg will keep all information secret and only act as a man in the middle. He will not tell anyone about the DXpedition until you permit him to.

The only purpose of this procedure is to avoid costly double activities.

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