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21 July 2017:
Grid square 1187 worked with LB6GG/P (KQ50) via EME.

30 June 2017:
DXCC 207 worked with YC2MDU (OI53) via EME.
Grid square 1185 worked with YC2MDU (OI53) via EME.
Grid square 1186 worked with N4HB (FN17) via EME.

29 June 2017:
Grid square 1184 worked with LA/DM2BHG (JP88) via EME.

26 June 2017:
Grid square 1183 worked with RA9FMT (LO77) via EME.
Grid square 1182 worked with VC2EME (FO10) via EME.
Grid square 1181 worked with UN8PFE (MO60) via EME.

25 June 2017:
Grid square 1180 worked with WO7R (DM32) via EME.

16 June 2017:
Grid square 1179 worked with RX4CQ (LO30) via Sporadic E.

03 May 2017:
Grid square 1178 worked with D44TU (HK85) via EME.

10 Feb 2017:
Grid square 1177 worked with VK5APN (PF84) via EME.

05 Feb 2017:
Grid square 1176 worked with R7IV (LN26) via EME.
Grid square 1175 worked with RW0LDZ (PN74) via EME.

29 Jan 2017:
Grid square 1174 worked with RM8A (MO04) via EME.